Because unconditional love deserves a reward

Who We Are

We are Carla and Chris and we have been in business for nearly five months now. In that time our business has expanded and it does not seem like a long time to be in business but we have a good few customers now and we treat all our customers and their pets like family. When we take care of any animals we want them to be happy but we also want the customer to be happy and as our ethos above we believe that unconditional love deserves a reward. This is an extremely rewarding business, even though it can be hard work at times, it is the best thing that me and my partner have done.

Our Background

As mentioned above we have only had this business for five months but we have had plenty of experience with animals. Chris has grown up with animals and looked after dogs and my Auntie has had cats and dogs all her life, which I have walked the dogs and taken care of the cats too. Since me and Chris have been together we have also extended our family and we have pets of our own. I had two cats to begin with – Spencer and Storm and we then decided to extend the family and we got two kittens as well – we called them Honey and Nutmeg.

Our Cats: Honey, Nutmeg, Storm and Spencer


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13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello! You have been recommended to me by Holly Mason, who suggested that you might have availability to take care of my dog, Piper, from Friday 14th-Saturday 22nd August. I’m keen to chat if you can help! Many thanks, Anna

      1. That’s good news…. could we set up a meeting, or would you rather I sent you more details by email, or phone?

      2. I finish work for the summer on Friday, so I am available any time from next week (hurrah…)

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